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DA’s Key Responsibilities - OE’s Work Performance - Human Resources Management Assignment Help

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In addition to achieving learning objective 1 of this unit, through successful completion of this assessment, students will learn how to apply work psychology and sociological theory to HR practice. The assessment encourages students to take a ”hands-on” practitioner approach to the issues raised and to consider both the practical elements and the dynamics involved in HRM. Details 

You are employed as the Human Resource Manager, of RG, an Australian credit union. 


Scenario 1 

You have been contacted by DA, a male employee of RG who has recently accepted a promotion to manager of a team of 24 employees in a regional branch of RG. DA has relocated from his employment in a large metropolitan office with 125 employees to take up his appointment as manager. The majority of the 24 employees are females employed on a part-time basis, many of whom have parental or carer responsibilties. All of the 24 employees have been employed by RG for more than 5 years. DA replaces BN the previous manager who had retired after 27 years service, 9 years of which had been spent as manager of the office. BN was well liked by all of the employees and had taken an active interest in their welfare both in and out of the workplace and promoted conformity and harmony in all group processes. BN’s preference for conformity was reflected in a high degree of similarity between the 24 employees, including social and educational backgrounds. DA is one of the youngest of the 24 employees, he does not have a social and educational background similar to theirs nor does he have children. 

DA’s key responsibilities are to implement a new system of performance appraisal and to achieve a significant improvement in the efficiency and productivity of the branch. With a view to achieving this, DA decided to review the previous performance appraisals of the 24 employees to identify the performance contributions, strengths and skills of team members. However, to his surprise 20 of the employees have been ranked in the “excellent”performance category of the previous appraisal system, the remaining 4 ranked in the“satisfactory”performance category. Of the 4 employees in the latter category 1 is female and 3 are male, none of them have children and do not participate in activities outside of the workplace with other employees. To date, DA’s observation and experience of the employees performance is inconsistent with these rankings. 

DA seeks your advice on how to deal with the situation in which he finds himself. To assist DA in this regard provide the following advice to him based on your knowledge of diversity management and group dynamics: 

(i) Explain why the employee performance rankings are flawed; 

(ii) What further negative processes and difficulties may arise within the team; and 

(iii) How these negative processes and difficulties may be avoided. 


Scenario 2 

Last week, the manager of one of RG’s metropolitan offices contacted you concerned about the change in work performance by OE, one of the metropolitan office employees. OE has been employed by RG for 5 years and until recently their work performance has been outstanding. OE has been recognised and rewarded for their performance both in the form of cash bonuses and RG’s employee of the month scheme. OE has reached the highest salary level available for his position and is keen to obtain a promotion to a junior management role. However, over the last twelve weeks or so OE has taken a number of days sick leave, has been arriving late to work, leaving early and become generally withdrawn and uncooperative. OE’s work performance has deteriorated significantly. This behaviour started shortly after the introduction of a new recruitment and selection policy. The new policy includes the essential criteria for junior management positions. Included in the criteria is the requirement for applicants to hold a minimum qualification of a Diploma in a relevant field. Prior to the introduction of the policy no formal criteria existed with respect to junior management positions. OE does not hold any educational qualifications beyond the Higher School Certificate. 

Based on your knowledge of the psychological contract: 

(i) Provide an explanation of why OE’s work performance might have become less than satisfactory; and 

(ii) Suggest a solution to the problem. Scenario 3 

RG’s enterprise agreement that regulates the terms and conditions of its employees contains the following provisions concerning “abandonment of employment”. 



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