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BIOB111 :Chemistry and Biochemistry The Citric acid Cycle (CAC) - Medical Science Assignment Help

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The following questions provide problem-solving scenarios that focus mainly on either carbohydrate, protein, or lipid metabolism. A careful presentation of the assessment allows critical understanding of metabolic pathways at the level of the cell and how these pathways, when unsettled, can contribute to, or be affected by a range of metabolic disorders. You are required to choose one of three topics to answer in detail as outlined in the task-specific guidelines provided. Use clear and concise, scientific English. Refer to the end of the document for references that can assist with your writing style; your research and writing in scientific English, and research technique. Please read and follow the marking guide on page 11 carefully to understand the assessment criteria, and ask your lecturer, online tutor, or librarian if you have further queries. Important Note: This assignment provides valuable knowledge for you in preparing for your exam as the information required is similar to the information you will be expected to know on the final exam. PART A Choose only one of three topics on page 7. Topic 1 is on carbohydrate metabolism. Topic 2 is on protein metabolism and topic 3 is on Lipid metabolism. Each topic requires that you select a minimum of 6 metabolic pathways that are listed under the selected pathway only in the table below for PART A of the Essay.

It is important that you select the pathways that are relevant to the metabolic pathway and corresponding disease question that you have chosen. Carbohydrate Metabolic Pathways Lipid Metabolic Pathways Protein/Amino Acid Metabolic Pathways Carbohydrate Digestion and Absorption Lipid Digestion and Absorption Protein Digestion and Absorption The citric acid cycle (CAC) The citric acid cycle The citric acid cycle Glycolysis Lipolysis Transamination The electron transport chain (ETC) The electron transport chain (ETC) The electron transport chain (ETC) Oxidative phosphorylation (OP) Oxidative phosphorylation (OP) Oxidative phosphorylation (OP) Glycogenesis Ketogenesis Oxidative deamination Glycogenolysis Beta-oxidation The urea cycle Gluconeogenesis Removal of urea from the body Lipogenesis* Lipogenesis Lipogenesis Australian College of Natural Medicine Pty Ltd trading as Endeavour College of Natural Health, FIAFitnation (National CRICOS #00231G, RTO #31489) BIOB111_Assessment_Assignment_S1 Last modified: 22-Feb-2021 Approved by: Director of Education Version: 12.0 Page 2 of 17 Fat storage in the adipose tissue* Fat storage in the adipose tissue Fat storage in the adipose tissue* Movement of glucose from the blood into cells Movement of lipids from the blood into cells Movement of amino acids from the blood into cells 1.

• NOTE: Each metabolic pathway is not an isolated set of chemical reactions within the cells, tissues, and organisms. They are connected together to allow food and the breakdown products to flow through them sequentially to provide Living Organisms with energy and metabolites for growth and maintenance of their homeostasis. • Choose 6 or more metabolic pathways/processes relevant to your chosen topic from the above list.

• Put your selected 6 or 7 pathways in their correct order or sequence in which they occur and check with your lecturer whether it is the right sequence before writing your assignment. The overviews below can help with this process. For any question chosen, your pathway selection must include the common metabolic pathway (CAC – ETC – OP)

• NOTE: Write each pathway in your own words. Copying sentences and not paraphrasing is considered academic misconduct. Using quotes in scientific writing is also not acceptable. • In writing your essay, each of the selected pathways must include the points outlined in the table below. This table is a summary of the rubric (marking guide) on page 13 and indicates what is important for maximizing your marks.

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