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Lecture 1:Prepare to work:

1. Select and use appropriate materials, tools, and equipment.

2. Identify work health and safety hazards, assess risks, and implement suitable controls.

3. Select, use, and maintain suitable safety and personal protective equipment (PPE).


Lecture 2:Monitor and maintain the nursery environment:

1. Monitor environmental parameters against the needs of the plants.

2. Alter environmental parameters, as required, to meet the needs of nursery plants and market requirements.

3. Service irrigation system components for basic operational use and repair or replace basic user serviceable parts.


Lecture 3:Determine daily water requirements:
1. Determine water requirements according to the needs of the plant and environmental parameters.
2. Apply water to meet the needs of the plant group.
3. Monitor water requirements of the plant.

Lecture 4:Promote plant growth by intervention:

1.  Test potting media in production areas to ensure quality specifications are met.

2. Monitor the health of the plant.

3. Undertake plant interventions as required.

4. Dispose of waste with full consideration of the environmental implications.


Lecture 5:Complete work:

1. Clean and store equipment, tools, and equipment.
2. Maintain records on all maintenance activities.


Assessment Task 1: Written Short Answer Questions

Question1: What are key plant growth stages in a nursery production?

Question 2: What plant health issues need to be considered in a plant seedling nursery?

Question 3: What monitoring activities will you need to have in place after a plant intervention?

Question 4: Describe some common chemicals used in a plant nursery for plant production, growth regulator hormones and ag/vet chemical used in pest management?

Question 5: What PPE may be required whilst carrying out nursery planting maintenance? Select two tools and/or equipment that you would use in your training site / nursery and outline how you would clean them?

Question 6: Identify work health and safety hazards, assess risks, and implement suitable control measures for your nursery plants

Question 7: How activities are planned, organised and teamwork can be applied to meet production requirements?

Question 8: What environmental parameters are to be taken into consideration when maintaining nursery plants?

Question 9: How are daily water requirements determined and what need to be monitored to ensure plant water requirements are maintained?

Question 10: What type of records must be kept in a nursery?


Assignment 1 Task 2: Extended Answer Questions

Answer all the following questions

1.Describe your irrigation set up and list any problems you have found. Indicate the tools you used to carry out the task and list any replacement parts used. Provide your written report to your trainer.

2. What are the properties of a good potting media and what are the tests we need to carry out in the production areas to ensure quality specifications are met?

3. List sources of water which can be used for irrigation purposes.

4. How can soil moisture be monitored?

5. How would you monitor the temperature in your training site / nursery?

6.In conjunction with your trainer examine a range of plants in the nursery / your training site and discuss any nutrient deficiencies seen.

7.List all the plant essential macro and micronutrients that plants require

8. What plant interventions may be utilised to promote plant growth?

9.What is potentially the most important insect pest or disease that must be managed or controlled in your training site / nursery? Who should be notified if such an outbreak occurs?

10.What environmental consideration may be relevant regarding disposal of chemical containers and waste?

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