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AGRO100 - Agriculture - New enterprise at Clark’s Farm - Goat Enterprise at Clarks Farm in Armidale - Report Writing Assessment Answer

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AGRO100 - Agriculture - New enterprise at Clark’s Farm - Goat Enterprise at Clarks Farm in Armidale - Report Writing Assessment Answer

New enterprise at Clark’s Farm

Problem statement
A group of entrepreneurs have identified a niche in the market for a new agricultural enterprise in the New England region. The entrepreneurs are seeking the assistance of agricultural consultants to evaluate the feasibility of their proposed enterprise. The University has allocated some land for use in a partnership with the entrepreneurs. A potential site, Clarke’s Farm, has been nominated but the practical feasibility has not been evaluated.
Considering these different requirements, what are the advantages and disadvantages of entering into an agreement with the entrepreneur and establishing a new enterprise?”
What’s required
During the Intensive School:
* Groups will state the problem and the proposed methods of resolution.
* Each group will determine what information they need to solve the problem and where they will resource the information e.g. the library’s electronic resources, internet and personal communication.
* The group will be required to carry out their own research on new or missing information considered essential in resolving the problem.
* Material presented at the Intensive School will contain most of the knowledge required to solve the problem.
* A library exercise will be conducted in Dixson Library based on the selected enterprise
* An industry visit will be conducted to se and talk about the issues of relevance.
* Each group will prepare a poster that summarises their findings and lays the ground-work for the individually-prepared written report.

After the Intensive School, individual students are required to submit a report that:
* identifies and discusses the land, soil, climate and marketing constraints of the proposed enterprise,
* provide and justify a recommendation to the proposed enterprise operator, and
* cover all the areas detailed in the marking scheme 

Executive Summary
A market niche for a goat enterprise in the New England region has been identified by a group of entrepreneurs and the university of New England has allocated Clarks farm for a proposed partnership with the entrepreneurs.
This report evaluates the feasibility of goats on Clarks farms. The three different soil types on Clarks farm have been found capable to support goats.
Land and climate are suitable for the proposed enterprise but shelter would need to be built and fencing needs to be updated to accommodate the goats. The pasture on the farm will support goat production during summer month but additional feed might need to be purchased during winter. The husbandry involves tagging, marking, vaccinations, weaning and hoof trimming. This would also be the most time intensive part of husbandry. The goat market has improved over the past 20 years and is expected to improve further for the coming decade.
The recommendation is that Clarks farm is suitable for meat goats and an enterprise can develop.

Animal production requirement
Fences, yards and a race, for drafting, marketing, drenching and foot trimming, already existand can easily be adapted for the goats. Some smaller pasture paddocks would need building to be able to rotate the goats so the pasture doesn’t suffer from eating to the ground (Vincent, 2005).
The roads on Clarks farm are well maintained and stock can easily be moved on the farm. The transport to the nearest abattoir should not exceed 12hours as the goats get very dehydrated and loose several kilos in bodyweight which will decline their value (Vincent, 2005). Shelter for animals on the farm is only limited and it is recommended to have suitable shelter for goats in cold conditions (Vincent, 2005).
The goats need to be tagged, marked, vaccinated, weaned and foot trimmed. Goats are in particular susceptible to five clostridia disease and caseous lymphadenitis
(Vincent, 2005). These can be easily managed through vaccination (Vincent, 2005). Goats depend on their mobility to browse for food, to nourish themselves and their growing kids, therefore it is important to pay attention to their hooves by making sure they are
regularly trimmed and not overgrown (Vincent, 2005). The weaning of goat kids can start anytime from three months onwards and providing the pasture is good the kids don’t need to be given extra feed (Vincent, 2005). It can be considered to give extra feed to reach the market value quicker (Vincent, 2005).
The most common form of supplementation is cereal grain and corn being the most common of these (Pugh & Baird, 2012). Other cereal grain for use as an energy supplement can be grain sorghum, oats, barley and rye (Pugh & Baird, 2012).

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